Build & Play is a unique and modifiable playing space for any child using imagination.

Customizable playhouse structure has so much fun – the set can be modified to a stand, towers, tunnels…endless structures for your children’s excitement. Your child will climb the walls, the stairs and slide on the slide and so many role plays make believe. The set will be enjoyed for many years to come! Rebuild it as often as you like, your child will never be bored again.

The design is elegant and simple and the attention to detail is exquisite. Designed for a child to play comfortably and different shapes of boards let a child experience weight fluctuations, facilitates coordination of movements, and learns regularities. By creating different structures children learn to plan their activities on how boards will be joined together and foreseeing a series of steps forward, which develops both creative and technical thinking.
Playing with other children learn to work in a team, agree on the activities to be performed and the result to be achieved. True a natural and rich experience.

The unique design solution allows you to keep the building set compact while taking up little space. The wood is sanded smooth with rounded edges all over the detail.



The house does not include a slide or stairs.

You can order them separately.

Build & Play is adaptable to different ages, from 12 months up to 12 years.
Material: Natural Baltic birch plywood, FSC certified, CE tested. A slide is varnished.
Dimensions: Wall and deck/roof board W 75 cm / 29.53'' and L 20 cm / 7.87''
The set includes 61 pcs with an additional optional slide and stairs.


€670.00 Regular Price
€650.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions: Wall and deck/roof board W 75 cm / 29.53'' and L 20 cm / 7.87''

  • The order processing time is up to 5 weeks.