Mini Wardrobe is another suggestion for a children’s room. The furniture has three shelves for clothes or toys. Its size is adapted to the height of a few-year-old, who can independently choose items of clothing. The wardrobe from the front and back refers to the style of My Mini Home furniture. Hinges with silent closing are used at the door.

Styling themselves is an activity worth admitting your toddler to. A great help is the use of furniture, the height of which corresponds to the child’s height. The Mini Wardrobe, equipped with three wide shelves, is one meter high. It can fit all items of clothing that do not require hanging. Optionally suitable for storing children’s toys and other treasures. Its front and rear parts consist of segments known from the multifunction screen. Their upper parts protrude slightly beyond the furniture, creating its aesthetic culmination.

The furniture is equipped with a silent closing system, used on handleless doors. Opening and closing the wardrobe does not cause noise, it also does not require adult protection. The small user can reach for the clothes at any time, while learning where their place is. Mini Wardrobe can be a perfect duo with Mini Dressing room, intended for hangers and shoes. These two items of furniture, kept in the same style, will not only fit all the toddler’s textiles, but also decorate their room. The wardrobe is suitable for self-assembly. All the elements necessary for its assembly are attached to the order.

Mini Wardrobe

  • width 86,
    depth 44,
    height 120 cm
    Distance between shelves: 33/33/22 cm