Rabbit&Friends lamps are soft, pleasant to touch and have beautiful designs. The soothing light is not dazzling but powerful enough to gently light up the area around the bed.

The lamps form a perfect unity with the interior design of a children’s room. The universal white, pastel blue or pink all wonderfully complement the space designated for your child, making it even cosier and more welcoming.

When your children are afraid to sleep with the light off lamp will gently light up the darkness to dispel their unease.

The lamps are also useful during evening toddler care, changing nappies or feeding infants, as there is no need to turn on the main light in the room.

Rabbit&Friends lamps are exceptionally pleasant to touch. This is because they are made from silicone with a powder-like finish.The feel of the lamp is a nice, almost silky texture, instead of an unpleasant plastic surface.

If the child squeezes the lamp, your child will be safe, and the lamp will quickly return to its original shape.

The lamp automatically switches off after 2 hours and can be switched off and switched on again.

Paw Silicone Wall Lamp- Pink

€21.00 Regular Price
€18.00Sale Price