The Waldorf rocker is a toy with lots of ways to enjoy. It can be  used as see-saw, rocking cradle, bed for dolls, climbing frame, and  much more. Placed on the side it can turn into a store. Use it as far as  you can imagine. 

The Waldorf rocker is designed to help develop motor skills,  agility, and in a safe way to unleash kids' boundless energy and  creativity. It helps to develop the vestibular apparatus and increase the child's coordination of movements. Turn it upside down as an arch and  have a perfect climbing toy, add a ramp with a slide for more fun. 

The KateHaa rocker is designed elegantly with side handles along the sides and steel handles at the ends to ensure a safe play. The slats provide a secure and solid surface and prevent foot entrapment. Especially designed side handles along sides protects little fingers from being pressed under the rocker because children are constantly unknowingly looking for a place where to stay so that movements are as natural as possible. Steel handles at the ends provide and stimulates even more variety of rocking and playing options.

Rainbow Color Rocker - with ramp/slide

€248.00 Regular Price
€238.00Sale Price
  • The dimensions and shape of the rocker have been carefully and accurately calculated to allow for natural gentle rock. The KateHaa Waldorf rocker incorporates three main over rock stops to restrict the movement within the extremes of the bow rock which are highly valued by third parties. Presents precision, accuracy to every detail, aesthetic design for every interior.

    • Suggested age: 0+
    • Weight limit 50 kg/ 110 lb, however, we have tested it by 130 kg/ 286 lb;
    • Material: Premium Baltic birch plywood (15 mm) FSC certified;
    • Treatment: Premium quality water-based varnish and paint;
    • Designed for indoor use but can be used outside with care;
    • CE certified to Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC;
    • Independently tested by third-party SGS Institute to EN71;
    • Made in Europe.


    Original: L 87 x W 47 x H 49 cm (L 34.3 x W 18.5 x H 19.3 in)

  • * The rocker is shipped flat packaged.
    * Please note that due to the curved slat design the ramp can be placed only at one position (height) as shown in the image.

    The order processing time is up to 3-4 weeks.